Why it pays to have a REALTOR

So, why is it so important to have a REALTOR® when you buy a home?

As a licensed real estate professional I provide much more than the service of helping you find your ideal home. As a REALTOR®, I'm an expert negotiator with other agents, seasoned financial advisor with clients, and a superb navigator around Greater Columbus. I'm a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Columbus Board of Realtors and must abide the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that they enforce. As a hard working, tech savvy, personalized professional Realtor® I will be your best resource when buying your home.

Time, Money & Frustration

By using me as your Realtor through my experience, knowledge and skills you will experience a smooth, advised and efficient home search process. Especially when the market is this hot, you have no time to waste trying to get the right info on a property and find a way to see it (first).

Targeted Search

As a Realtor I have access to the MLS which hosts the most accurate, up to date information on available houses unlike popular websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia etc that have outdated listings and misleading information. When I set you up on a search, the homes that match your criteria will come to you!

Full Access

I can help you with any home, even for sale by owners. I can also use my network to facilitate off the market offers and learn about houses that may suite you before they are even on the market giving you a major advantage over other buyers.

Vendor Selection

Finding the right lender, title company, home inspector and repair work if needed can be a daunting process and has a huge impact on your future. I can recommend trusted vendors that will take great care of you.

Community & Lifestyle

I’m an avid believer that where you live and what type of home you live in should enhance your lifestyle. Once I get to you know, I will help you find the right community and home to suite you, your needs and your dreams!


I’m experienced at presenting offers to homeowners and can help you through the process of negotiating the best price and other important factors. Price alone is not always the most important issue in a contract. From financing type to contract term, closing costs, inspection, remedy, possession and more I approach each contract differently based on what's important to the seller and how much flexibility my buyer has. 

The best thing about me as your Realtor is that all this help will not cost you a cent!! the Seller of the home you buy pays my commission to my Brokerage, so there is no reason not to have your best interests represented! 

My KY Mobile App

The Best Search Engine, Right In Your Hands

Find and share homes with just the touch of a finger! My personal real estate app allows you to view MLS listings and send me property inquiries while out viewing homes, making your next move easier than you ever imagined.

My app comes with these helpful features: 

  • Draw a circle on the map or drop a pin to search any specific community
  • See property details and photos, save searches, and add notes about what you liked
  • Call or email me to set up an appointment while viewing a listing
  • Share listings with family via email, text or social media
  • GPS enabled to view open houses in your area

Whether or not you're looking to buy or sell now, you can use my app to browse your local area. Make sure you create a login so you can send me properties with a click. Download here: http://goo.gl/WtkEbI

My website - www.columbesthomes.com is also a great search tool. You can view properties by popular Columbus communities and it only shows active listings (unlike Zillow)!