This Month in Real Estate: July 2016

Here are the national real estate statistics for July 2016!

Home sales are still moving up now at 5.5 million and the average price is up to $240,000 which is up 3.8% from June and up 4.7% from July 2015 making it an amazing time to sell!

The average interest rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is down to 3.54% which gives buyers a great incentive to keep purchasing in this intense seller's market! For more on my strategy to help buyers keep reading...

I had my biggest closing so far on June 30, 2016 and was told that it was the busiest closing day for Ohio ever! It's exciting to be in this industry at such an interesting time and I'm very proud to be getting my buyers what they want in this seller's market. My buyers have closed at an average of 89% of list price at a time when people are in bidding wars and paying so much that the appraisals aren't even coming in at their offer price. One of my buyer's was thrilled to have instantly appreciated on his new home by $11,000 because of the appraisal value.

If you want someone to fight for you and be creative in this bustling market you won't regret having me in your corner! July is a very special month for me because it's my birthday as well as my sister's, my niece, my nephew and it's the month that I got engaged in Yellowstone. Not to mention celebrating living in the U.S.A. with our differences, troubles, triumphs but most importantly our freedom.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! I give great referral gifts and would appreciate the opportunity to earn the business of your family, friends and coworkers.